Startup branding. Five simple steps for communication and pitch planning.

It’s not PR. It’s crafting a brand story that is so intriguing it becomes irresistible to customers, investors and press. It’s a compass that guides your company through both storms and success. It’s never boring. 



Identify your brand’s unique voice and values. Whether you’re starting from scratch or going through a transition, we’ll guide your team through exercises that get to the root of your identity.  



It’s not enough to know who you are, you have to know how you’re different. It’s a crowded world out there. We’ll discover what makes your brand stand apart. 



More than media training, we’ll shape your brand story and whittle down your talking points. Be ready to talk to reporters in language they understand. 



Get your story ready for make-it-or-break-it meetings. Whether you’re presenting to VC investors or a panel of SXSW judges, we can help your pitch hit the right points. 



Put your brand into action. We’ll brainstorm low-cost strategies that use your brand uniqueness to get the attention of your most important audiences. 



Set up your team for long-term success. Tailored recruiting of full-time and contract staff to make your big ideas a reality. We’ll help find and onboard the best people. 

Begin, be bold and venture to be wise.

— Horace

Why does it matter?

  • If you don’t define your own brand story, someone else will do it for you.
  • Tell a more compelling story to investors and you’ll get funded faster. 
  • Don’t waste time and energy with work that’s off-brand.
  • Get your story straight before working with a PR agency and they’ll be more cost-efficient.
  • Build a stronger team by communicating and reinforcing brand culture in your office.
  • In a viral world, one bold idea is worth a 1,000 press releases. 
  • Spend less time on sales and pitching by becoming magnetic to clients. 
  • Get right to the point with reporters and they’ll cover your brand more, and more accurately. 
  • Change hurts. A strong brand can help your company navigate the big transitions.