About Us

Most brands in digital health are bad. Jargon, acronyms, confusion, blue logos and that same old stock photo of a doctor using an iPad.

We need to do better. Across the country, scientists, physicians and medical leaders are building technology that makes healthcare more affordable and saves lives. These are the companies that need to be appreciated, recognized and understood.

Uncommon Bold comes from the front-lines of digital health. Propeller Health, Doximity, CareCloud, Practice Fusion, Blue Shield of California. We’ve worked with companies through good times and hard, always with a focus on making healthcare better. We speak healthcare, but prefer plain language.

We’d love to work with your company.

What We Do

Brand Strategy

Diagnosing your purpose, refining your vision, understanding your audiences, preparing for long-term growth. Building recognition from authenticity.

Brand Design

Developing visual identities, systems, and experiences that create a lasting first impression. Good design is inspired by emotion, strategically driven, and thoughtfully executed.

Thought Leadership & Content Strategy

Extending your brand with the right words. Creating thought-leadership and impactful content that informs and inspires.

Partnerships & Ventures

Driving growth for our clients by leveraging our experiences and connections with startups, entrepreneurs, and the vast health technology ecosystem.

Brand Building

Delivering sustainable brand momentum. Leading creative campaigns using data, media, books, events and high-efficiency strategies to get the right kind of attention.

Why We're Different

In-House Attitude

Our perspective comes from working on teams, not in agencies. We collaborate, do the right thing, and think broadly about brand work across every channel.

Data-Driven Approach

Brand strategy based on real analysis. Udacity features Uncommon Bold’s analytical approach to brand in the Data Foundations nanodegree course.


Our Team

Emily Peters

Founder, CEO

Emily is a 4x startup veteran with 15 years of experience building buzz for young companies using often nothing more than duct tape, post-it notes and bold ideas. She's helped startups get featured in Fast Company, The Atlantic, and The New York Times among other top media and has designed co-marketing campaigns with everyone from Nancy Pelosi to Dr. Oz. In her communications career, Emily has managed $250+ million in fundraising and funding announcements.

Christina Vanvuren

Brand Publicist

A US Navy veteran with over 7 years of experience, Christina Vanvuren is an Atlanta-based brand strategist at Uncommon Bold and prides herself on working with healthcare startups that are doing the hard work of innovating for a better US healthcare system. She specializes in brand presence and community engagement events for companies addressing everything from consumer health information, population health management, and telemedicine to value-based care, and clinical workflows. Additionally, Christina is the senior publicist at Procedure Press, an independent publisher based in San Francisco amplifying diverse, bold, kind, creative, common-sense voices working toward a brighter medical future.

Ashley Greer

Thought-Leadership & Media

Ashley is a Los Angeles-based communications expert with over 15 years of experience in media and public relations.  With a focus on emerging companies in the health tech space, she helps build brands, raise awareness, and share stories with the world. Ashley holds a degree in sociology from University of San Francisco. 

Lucy Sansom


Lucy has a few decades of experience as a proofreader, more than a couple of those decades on staff at a large Austin, Texas–based advertising agency.  Over the years, Lucy has worked on many client accounts, including an airline (Southwest), breweries, restaurants (Brinker International), healthcare, homebuilders, financial institutions and governmental agencies (U.S. Air Force, Don’t Mess with Texas).

Beyond Branding

Uncommon Bold's on-call network of experts is ready to assist with special projects. From working on a complete website relaunch to building an investor deck to publishing a book, we'll call in the best. In addition to the featured advisors below, Uncommon Bold has a network of international of graphic designers, writers, SEO experts, photographers, video producers, and media relations specialists ready to help with your project.


Lisa Bari

Health Policy

Rachel Segal

Digital and Web

Joanne Lam

Visual Design

Tobi Elkin

Content Writer

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