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Brand Workshop: Where to Begin with a Wellness Startup

A team of talented healthcare entrepreneurs, designers and doctors. A bold vision to make it easier to navigate mental and spiritual wellness. A blend of art and science. When you want to change the world, how do you decide where to start? We headed up to Marin in January for a workshop with this small pre-seed…

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Brand Workshop: Naming a New Digital Health Startup

Most of our clients at Uncommon Bold are established startups facing a brand crossroad. Occasionally, we have an opportunity to jump in at the very start of something new! In April, we worked with the founder of a digital health startup here in San Francisco to develop a name and brand direction for her new…

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7 genius Airbnb brand & culture ideas that can work for any startup

The strongest startup brands today don’t just market, they embody their brand and culture across everything they do. Airbnb is a prime example. In just 7 years, the company has built a rumored $25 billion valuation and one the stronger reputations in Silicon Valley. Branding and culture is more than a gorgeous custom-designed 72,000 square…

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