Digital Health

Brand Workshop: Differentiating Based on Ethics in Healthcare

It’s hard enough to stand out as a healthcare company, even harder to try to stand above. In April, Uncommon Bold hosted a Florida healthcare company for a brand workshop in San Francisco. The company operates in a segment of the market dogged with fraudulent activity. Feeling frustrated, they wanted to not only show their…

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Health Startups & the “Bikini Medicine” Problem

Halle Tecco, founder of Rock Health, hosted a fantastic lunch in April for women entrepreneurs to discuss innovation and opportunity in reproductive health. One of the common themes that emerged in the discussion was the way startups focused on women’s health are often dismissed as “niche” markets or “bikini medicine” by investors. This in a…

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Uncommon Bold on NPR: Fresh Strategies for Social Media in Medicine

KQED’s brand-new Future of You series is taking a dynamic look at the intersection of technology and health around the world. Covering everything from the Ebola crisis to surgery with robots to the shortage of women executives in digital health startups, the reporting is led by tech journalist Christina Farr. In our first piece for…

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