Brand Workshop: Naming a New Digital Health Startup

Most of our clients at Uncommon Bold are established startups facing a brand crossroad. Occasionally, we have an opportunity to jump in at the very start of something new! In April, we worked with the founder of a digital health startup here in San Francisco to develop a name and brand direction for her new venture.

The startup naming process can be frustrating. It’s easy to fall in love with a name just to discover that it isn’t available after a quick online search. We have a naming system at Uncommon Bold that helps remove this frustration early while still promoting creativity and getting to a name quickly. Trying to develop a startup name on your own? Here are some of our favorite ways to search for naming options:

  • Research the history of important figures related to the company’s mission. Did you know that Alexander Graham Bell had a dog named Trouve that he tried to teach how to talk?
  • Use baby name data to search for name meanings and trends.
  • Brush off your Latin to dive deep into the root meanings of words.
  • Look around the world for translations in other languages.
  • Try smashing together different words to make something new.
  • Search on Pinterest or Behance for images that embody your brand. What names are inspired from those visuals?
  • Explore slang and rare terminology from related industries. For example: “riprap” which is used by lighthouse operators to refer to broken rocks used to stop erosion.

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