Brand Workshop: Differentiating Based on Ethics in Healthcare

It’s hard enough to stand out as a healthcare company, even harder to try to stand above. In April, Uncommon Bold hosted a Florida healthcare company for a brand workshop in San Francisco. The company operates in a segment of the market dogged with fraudulent activity. Feeling frustrated, they wanted to not only show their legitimacy as a business, but to clearly communicate their mission and work to set a higher standard.

Uncommon Bold conducted a brand audit that reviewed previous marketing materials, explored the challenges of their industry and interviewed employees and clients. The client’s custom brand strategy workshop focused on:

  • Balancing the company’s mission with the economic realities of healthcare transformation
  • Exploring external validators, including becoming B-Corporation Certified
  • Developing strategic partnerships with healthcare influencers
  • Communicating a company “manifesto” both internally and externally
  • Ranking and understanding key audiences
  • Innovative ways to establish donation and award programs
  • How to stay focused on the mission and avoid chasing time-consuming distractions
  • The risks and rewards of differentiation around company ethics

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