Brand Workshop: A Non-Profit’s Bold Mission to Bring Healthcare Together

Some brands face tougher decisions than others. For a non-profit healthcare client we worked with in September, they had a long laundry list of challenging choices to make. The brand wanted to be a mission-driven non-profit but also a fast-moving tech startup. A new organization, but one with an established history. A facilitator and someone pushing for big change.

We started with a detailed brand audit process with twice the number of interviews with employees, board members and influencers. Then, brought everyone together in a conference room for a powerful 90-minute workshop.

  • Can we find a “common enemy” to create an alliance in a sector of fierce competitors?
  • Which fears and hesitations are really holding back market acceptance?
  • What brand strengths are we overlooking and undervaluing?
  • How can brands navigate around challenges brought on from their past partners?
  • Do we have to use industry terminology or is there a better way?
  • Can you innovate and support a big vision while also dealing with technical challenges?
  • How do we retain early customers while continuing to grow?
  • Where do we have to choose a side? Where can we create a new category instead?

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