Brand Workshop: How to Reignite a Successful 7 Year Startup Story

In March, Uncommon Bold traveled to sunny Florida to host a brand workshop with a large digital health company. This growth-stage startup has seen a lot of success, but felt that their focus and story had become diluted over the years as they grew and served new markets. They needed to get back to their core mission as a company. In the workshop, we addressed:

  • Differentiating your company by brand instead of features or price
  • Narrowing the target market with both sales, management and marketing input
  • How to stand out in a crowded and complex sector
  • How to build buzz when your key audience is fairly isolated from the rest of the sector
  • Using data to re-set ideas about key buyers in the target market
  • Letting go of legacy perspectives, selling points and audiences
  • Aligning brand and client interests for truly dynamic campaigns
  • Shifting the focus of PR agencies, teams and other contractors
  • Using existing company strengths to energize the larger story

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