Brand Workshop: Finding an Authentic Brand Strategy while Expanding to a New Country

Expanding from Northern England to Silicon Valley is a daunting prospect for even the most dynamic tech company. For Uncommon Bold’s client in November, the move opened up something of an identity crisis. The 15+ year old B2B software company was successful, but feeling uninspired about growth, next steps and how to differentiate themselves in a crowded space.

Following an extensive audit process with a dozen client and internal interviews, Uncommon Bold developed a custom workshop to help the company find their footing and accelerate growth:

  • Analyzing customer profile and NPS data to narrow a target audience
  • Identifying key customer personas
  • Mapping the emotional relationship clients have with the product and company
  • Evaluating how the company differentiates from competitors
  • Quantifying competitive messages and target audiences
  • Developing refined messaging and mission content
  • Adding a charitable mission and clarifying the company’s non-profit work
  • Planning new ways for the brand to exceed expectations and build organic growth

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