Brand Workshop: Clarifying your Mission in a Large Non-Profit Organization

In June, Uncommon Bold was invited to work with a successful, multi-national healthcare non-profit. As the organization was hitting its 10 year anniversary, they felt increasingly cloudy about the role of their industry partnerships team. The team needed to clarify their mission, clearly outline their goals, and demonstrate their value both with partners and to internal leaders as the organization embarked on a new decade.

We developed a custom workshop to sort through the key value the industry partnerships groups served:

  • Interviewing internal stakeholders and external partners
  • Identifying core audiences the team wanted to reach
  • Developing persona profiles for the key audiences
  • Highlighting the true ROI of partnership
  • Unifying different channels under a single mission and goal
  • Pinpointing gaps in the non-profit’s relationship with partners
  • Shifting the role of the non-profit from watchdog to consultant
  • Creating a wireframe deck that explains their mission and role
  • Refactoring their lead process to be more exclusive

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