In the Media: Fast-Fixes for Your Company Blog

Big thank you to Brittney Helmrich (@brittneyplz) at Business News Daily for including a tip from Uncommon Bold in her round-up of the best advice for company blogs:

There’s no point in keeping a company blog if no one is going to read it, and search traffic and SEO are only half the battle. If you really want your blog to be a success and have an audience, you need to turn your attention to social media. Emily Peters, founder of B2B brand-strategy company Uncommon Bold, said you should spend even more time sharing your posts than you do writing them.

“Many companies have a ‘post and pray’ approach to their blog content,” Peters said. “Instead, brands should spend just as much time carefully, repeatedly sharing their quality content via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and email over the course of a few months.”

If you’re using a content calendar, try adding your social media sharing schedule to it to help you keep track of when you should be pushing your content.

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